Resisting: A New Guide to the Canadian Legal System

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

RESISTING is a brand new legal resource for those fighting for collective liberation, and against systemic injustice and oppression while being subjected to Canadian colonial law. It is a thorough, plain-language resource that will walk you through your legal rights (or, realistically lack thereof) and then on to more information than any dissident could ask for.

Learn about the entire step by step processes of detention, arrest, and court, the pros & cons of lawyers and duty counsel, common charges and sentences, how to prepare for arrest or being a surety, and a lot more.

Resisting PDF – Read Online

Resisting PDF – Layout for Printing

Print double-sided, flipped on the short edge. The last page (full page chart) gets inserted & stapled between page 10 & 11 as a fold-out chart. Best in colour, fine in grayscale.

2 thoughts on “Resisting: A New Guide to the Canadian Legal System”

  1. I just read “If under arrest, you must provide your name, date of birth, and current address” (footnote 3, page 4).

    I believe this is also true if you are being detained – correct or not correct?

    1. For all practical purposes, being arrested and being detained are the same and cops will use them both interchangeably. It’s not worth trying to distinguish. The issue of home address is about release from custody, as far as I understand, so they can find you later if need be. You do not need to provide ID, the pig just has to be satisfied that you have provided an accurate address. Some experiences show you can avoid providing the address or lie about it on minor charges and force them to call your bluff and hold you.

      Not the author though.

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