Tattoo Fundraiser

December 9, 2018 - 11:00 am

The Tower
778 Barton St E

Join us for The Tower’s FIRST EVER flash-tattooing fundraiser!

Pieces will start at $60!

This event will feature the work of artist Amara Hollow Bones, an amazing self-taught queer tattoo artist witch who has been tattooing for the last 15 years. Amara brings the earthy, raw, dark mixed with sparse fine-linework of their drawing style to the skin. They tend to work with themes of earth-based magic through botanical imagery, birds, animals, moons, stars, mountains and landscapes. They hold a space counter to the typical misogynist-dude-dominated vibe of tattoo culture for people to feel empowered and supported in being as embodied and connected as possible throughout the whole process.

Amara will also have some of their other artwork, and hand-drawn 2019 moon calendars on hand for those who want some accessible art but aren’t feeling the tattoo itch!

“Early Friday morning, Hamilton police raided a home associated with some of those involved with organizing The Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair. The door was kicked in, a flash grenade was thrown into the house, and a full swat team entered. With their assault rifles drawn, the swat team proceeded to pull everyone out of bed some of whom were naked, and with one exception, put everyone in handcuffs. Three people were detained and one person arrested.”

Since the above statement was released in the spring, an additional seven people are facing a range of allegations in relation to anti-gentrification actions on Locke Street in an obvious attempt to quash longstanding dissent and resistance in the area.

All proceeds from this day will be split 50/50 between Amara and legal fees for the 8 individuals facing charges.

For more info & updates on arrestees:

If you want to make an additional donation for defendants, you can donate here: or email to arrange an e-transfer.

Flash tattooing is when artists offer their own unique and inspired designs for tattooing instead of taking personalized cues from clients. They involve little-to-no customization, but fully embrace the inspiration and talent of the artist. This kind of tattooing is often used for fundraisers because it minimizes the time needed for consultation and personalized designs, allowing for maximum needle-to-skin time during time-limited events.

We’ll be posting some of the design options here in the lead-up, but for complete possibilities come visit us that day!

Amara will be setup and ready for her first person at 11am, which is when we’ll open the space. Folks will be served on a first-come basis, and there will be limited sittings available. You should pick out what design you want *before* you sign-in, and have cash on hand to leave a deposit. This is a cash-only event.

The Tower has a fantastic library, a book/zine distro, dedicated kid-space, and lots of great people to chat with so feel free to hang out in the space while you wait! If your wait is going to be awhile we’ll also have a sign-in list & you can receive a text message when you’re up next. We’ll also have coffee/tea available to all, and light snacks for those getting inked.

Of course! But not at this event – you can find their booking information and galleries here: and make arrangements for another day!

If you’re a tattoo artist with your own setup and want to get involved on this day, or help us with a fundraiser get in touch!