No Gods, No Masters, No Bros: Antifascism Beyond Machismo

July 6, 2018 - 6:00 pm

The Tower
Barton and Lottridge

It is far too common for theoretical conversations to be dominated by a handful of voices. Our spaces much like standard school textbooks, are often overrun by the voices of men. Against this tendency, the ‘No Gods, No Masters, No Bros’ workshop series is for those who are excluded, alienated, or otherwise underwhelmed by typical forms of political discussion, learning, and debate. Taking place monthly, the workshop series is intended to create an accessible and welcoming environment where participants will be introduced to revolutionary theory, practice, and history. Ideally, no will talk down to you and no one is going to force you to read Marx’s Capital (you don’t actually need to do this to understand capitalism!). Workshops will alternate each month between those that are more theoretical in nature and those which are oriented towards practical skill building, and will take place on the first Friday of the month. No previous knowledge is required, all readings will be optional.

This workshop will discuss the politics, practices, and histories of fascism, gender, and militant resistance. It will touch on the gendered dimensions of fascist movements and anti-fascist struggle, as well as consider the challenges and possibilities for developing an explicitly feminist anti-fascism.