Free Russian Anarchists! Solidarity Party

August 25, 2018 - 3:00 pm

The Tower
778 Barton St E

Support anarchists and antifascists imprisoned and tortured in Russia

6th Annual Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

Anarchists and antifascists have become the “enemy from within” of Kremlin. Right before presidential elections and the soccer cup repressions against anti-authoritarian activists in Russia have grown unprecedentedly violent and have become nation-wise. They include physical torture, kidnapping, psychological threats and pressure, digital and street surveillance. 11 anarchists and antifascists are being kept in pre-trial detention (6 people since October 2017, 3 people since January 2018) or under house arrest for a fabricated “terrorist” case. They risk severe sentences up to 10 years of imprisonment. Read more about the case on Crimethinc:

Russian comrades need help. Solidarity actions have already taken place across the world, including Toronto. ( But this is not enough! More and more activists are currently at risk and under surveillance, a number of them have left the country to seek political asylum. We ask for a strong international solidarity.

This solidarity party is organized by the members of the international collective of support for Russian anarchist prisoners “Rupression” as part of the International Solidarity Week with Anarchist Prisoners. It is conceived to be not just a “support event”, but also as an educational event open for everyone who is interested in learning about recent developments of anarchist theory and practice. The event is focused on the history of contemporary Russian anarchist struggles, it features screenings of best anarchist and antifascist direct actions and rallies of the recent decade, documentary film screening, discussion with the film makers and activists – in live and on video call.

We will also have a support distro (Tshirts, stickers, posters, postcards), a workshop to write letters in prison to our comrades, a small bar and nice home made food (donation based – to support lawyer fees for comrades).

What can we learn from contemporary Russian anarchism? How can we better organize to help comrades? How can we prevent similar waves of repressions against antifascists and anarchists in Canada?

Please come and spread the word, invite your friends, share the event everywhere! Let’s show that we care! Let’s write as many support letters to jail as we can – every word from the “free world” counts for our imprisoned comrades and keeps their spirits up!


Part 1: What’s Russian anarchism today: a brief introduction to contemporary Russian anarchist and antifascist movements (main struggles, new forms of action, new theories).

• 20 minutes talk by Ksenia, Russian anarchist currently
based in Toronto;
• screenings of videos of best anarchist actions followed by a discussion.

Part 2: The “Network” case – the most brutal and massive wave of repressions against Russian anarchists of the last decade. (read more and support on the official website of the solidarity campaign

• 10 minutes presentation of the case;
• screening of a short movie about the case (ENG subtitles);
• videocall with members of the support committee;

Part 3:

• screening of the documentary “Antifascist Attitude” (1 hour 13 minutes; ENG subtitles)
• videocall with one of the filmmakers, discussion

Part 4 (all along the afternoon!):

•writing letters and drawing postcards for Russian comrades in jail;

DJ, food and bar;
donation box and distro


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