A Film and a Talk with Solidarity Kingston

September 18, 2019 - 5:30 pm

Dunning Hall Rm 11
Dunning Hall

Decisions made by the Canadian government have directly led to the escalation of the climate crisis, political instability and the global displacement of peoples. We know that after decades of job loss, wage stagnation and service cuts, people across the country- regardless of our immigration status – are increasingly worried about the future. Politicians are responding to this fear, not by raising wages or expanding public services, but by demonizing migrants and refugees. This divisiveness has created a dangerous political environment, and it must be stopped.

In this workshop co-organized by Solidarity Kingston, we will discuss our current social an political moment, and talk about questions of immigration, racism, and how we can unite to fight the rise of the right.

Solidarity Kingston is a grassroots organization that believes that all residents should be able to meet their basic needs with dignity and on their own terms regardless of income, (im)migration status, race, sexual orientation, gender/gender expression, ability, age or religion. The settler-colonial nation-state and the capitalist system are designed to benefit some of us, and we want a structure that will benefit all of us. Solidarity Kingston believes that together, we can resist these systems and create a just and free Kingston. We want to collaborate with fellow Kingston residents to change existing and create new structures that meet our basic needs and enable us to realize our potentials as individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities