Applied Anarchy: The Tyranny of Work

April 29, 2019 - 6:30 pm

75 Queen Street

May Day is approaching and it has some of us thinking about workers and work itself. For many of us, our anxieties about work—and our inability to survive without it—pervades much of our lives. We schedule our lives around it, spend our lives in school preparing for it, and it often leaves us unable to meet our needs, suffering from chronic stress or physical ailments, and dreading each day.

In the absence of a coercive capitalist system, what work would we deem necessary or unnecessary? What if we structured work around our lives, and not the other way around? And in the present, how do we work in ways that resist oppressive systems, give us control over our lives, and provide for our collective needs?

For our April Applied Anarchy discussion, we will examine the tyranny of work from an anarchist perspective and discuss ways to counter the competitive and individualistic ideology of capitalism with compassion, solidarity, and mutual aid.

AKA is located at 75 Queen Street, up the ramp. Please don’t wear scented products at AKA.