No Freedom to Hate: Resisting Racism

July 18, 2019 - 6:00 pm

CRC at 40 Oaks
40 Oak Street

[Speakers Series: Free event with meal, child-minding, wheelchair access and tokens]

The resurgence of the far-right has intensified existing racism in society. Violence and hate crimes against Jews and Muslims have been particularly notable in their brazenness. The perpetrators of this hatred draw inspiration from, and in turn form the enthusiastic base of, politicians like Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Andrew Scheer, Maxime Bernier and others.

Such politicians favour dog-whistles over explicit racism to signal their support for racist ideas while trying to remain acceptable to the broader public. The result is a bizarre reversal where the incitement of hate is justified as free speech and opposition to it is panned as intolerance.

Our best shot at defeating the escalating attacks on everything from our income, housing, to our very existence lies in unity. But in order to build it, we must understand how hate is being mobilized to grow division, recognize how it infiltrates our lives, and learn to challenge it effectively.

Azeezah Kanji and Daniel Karasik

Azeezah is a legal analyst and writer based in Toronto. She is also the director of programming at the Noor Cultural Centre.

Daniel Karasik (they/them) is an organizer with IfNotNow Toronto, a group of mostly young Jews working to end the North American Jewish community’s support for the occupation in Israel/Palestine. Daniel is also a poet, performer, and co-founder/co-facilitator of the new network Artists For Climate & Migrant Justice and Indigenous Sovereignty (@acmjis on Twitter).