Resisting Migrant Prisons

June 18, 2019 - 7:00 pm

The Tower
778 Barton St E

Construction has almost begun on a new migrant prison in Laval, Quebec, coinciding with the Trudeau government’s plan to increase deportations by 35% in the coming years. The new prison is also a response to hunger strikes and collective mobilizations by migrants and their supporters. The Canadian state is billing this as ‘prettier’ place to imprison migrants, and is investing in so-called alternatives to detention (such as a voice recognition/gps cell phone system) which extend the reach of the prison system beyond its physical walls. Stopping prison
construction, whether for migrants or criminalized people, is an
important struggle in the fight for a freer world. Come learn about and discuss the links between the imprisonment of migrants and refugees in Canada, the development of surveillance technologies, and the plans for this new prison. We’ll also talk about some aspects of the struggle against the prison (and its world).

Presented by: two anarchists from Montreal