Anarchy 101: Some starting points for a world without domination

September 26, 2019 - 7:00 pm

The Tower
778 Barton St E

It’s been a long summer in Hamilton — the rhythm of demonstrations, disruptions, reactions, and interactions has been non-stop, and being in the street or engaging actively is the best way of growing your politics. But sometimes it’s nice to sit down and talk about ideas too, to understand each other and to refine our own analysis.

Anarchism is most well known for the willingness of anarchists to go beyond the limits of what our capitalist democracy considers acceptable dissent. But behind the pink masks, broken windows, or fireworks, anarchism is the beautiful idea that fundamentally different kinds of social relations are possible, ones built on autonomy, voluntary association, mutual aid, and solidarity. Its opposition to hierarchy and domination is fierce.

Unlike some other schools of thought associated with the left, you will seldom find two anarchists whose anarchisms are exactly the same. In this workshop, one local anarchist will lay out what with this word means to them and introduce a few of the core ideas that most anarchists agree on, with a focus on storytelling and experience rather than ideology.