Trouble Screening: Crossing the Line

October 10, 2019 - 7:00 pm

The Tower
778 Barton St E

Join us as we watch the latest episode of Trouble about the American immigration system, and follow it up with a discussion about the local equivalents of growing anti-migrant sentiment, immigrant enforcement & detention regimes, temporary foreign worker programs… and what form organizing around these issues can take.

Hope to see you out!



The situation on the United State’s southern border continues to deteriorate. The American president, in a characteristic flourish of craven megalomania, has decided that his prospects for re-election hinge on his unique capacity to fix the country’s ‘broken borders’ and solve the problem of ‘illegal migration’ once and for all. To help bring this deranged and paranoid prophecy to fruition, Trump and his racist minion, Stephen Miller, have set out to purposefully manufacture chaos, fanning the flames of racial tensions in hopes of instilling fear, and greasing the wheels of further militarization.

Meanwhile, after crossing multiple countries by foot, desperate asylum seekers from collapsing Central American states are met by heavily armed soldiers and rolls of concertina wire. As states around the world lurch towards nativist reaction, bracing themselves for a future certain to be shaped by increased waves of human migration, the US continues to pioneer new, innovative methods of profiting off human misery. From privatized detention facilities built in the shell of hastily re-purposed Wal-Marts, to increased state expenditures for drones and miles of symbolic metal walls, capital is nothing if not adaptable. In Trouble 22 we look at some of those profiting off this rotten state of affairs, those caught in its cross hairs, and those who are fighting back.