Inhabit: Instructions for autonomy

October 24, 2019 - 7:00 pm

The Tower
778 Barton St E

Every day we are inundated with signs of a dystopian future unfolding before our eyes. Capitalism pushes the world over the precipice of ecological disaster, while crushing every capacity that permits existence outside of itself.

And yet, under this crisis lies possibility.

The text “Inhabit: Instructions of autonomy” confronts our despair, our fatalism, our helplessness, and reminds us that we have a choice. We’re here, right now, and we can choose to begin to clear space for something new to grow, to plant the seeds of each of our individual possibilities, to begin to restore what makes us whole and connected.

Join us for a reading group discussing this text and imagining projects we can take in the present that begin to move us outside of capitalism. There are some print copies of Inhabit at The Tower, and the full text is available online at . We encourage you to read the text before coming, but if you can’t, it’s still worth coming to talk through the ideas.