Reflections on Conspiracy Charges in the US and Canada

January 16, 2020 - 7:00 pm

The Tower
778 Barton St E

Navigating state repression has numerous challenges, but we need to find ways to make it also an opportunity for learning and growth, to avoid both being ruled by fear and simply pushing forward as though nothing has changed. This discussion will focus on the role of conspiracy charges to target anarchists in both so-called canada and the united states, specifically during summit protests such as the St. Paul RNC in 2008, Toronto G20 in 2010, and J20 in 2017. It will also make links to recent repression faced by anarchists in Hamilton, such as the Locke St affair and 2019 Pride.

State repression strategies may influence what feels possible for anarchists, but we don’t have to let the state limit our imagination or capacity. With that in mind, this discussion is an attempt to understand and draw parallels between emergent state repression strategies as well as offer nuanced and honest self-reflection on how we move through them.

The presenter is an anarchist who lives in the so-called united states and has for last decade been involved in anti-repression efforts for people (anarchists and not) facing criminal charges on a state and federal level, as well provided general legal and direct support for people doing prison time– including the 2008 RNC arrestees, CeCe McDonald, J20 defendants, and lots more. They are part of a small group called the Tilted Scales Collective, which seeks to provide infrastructure through which folks involved in radical struggle can more easefully navigate repression and its accompanying court agony. They are really nice and excited to talk with you.