On Subculture: In defense of anarchist subculture

January 20, 2020 - 7:00 pm

The Tiwer
778 Barton St E

The text “On Subculture” is subtitled “A defense of anarchist subcultures and a proposal for one we could build” and was published on North Shore Counter-Info in May 2019.

“We should continue to recognize that shifting our way of life without attacking power will do nothing to change the dominant culture or the world, but we shouldn’t try to reject subculture, or be normal. We need a cultural context from which to launch our struggles, and that context should have its own norms and ways of life. Those norms should be based on principle, and they should be things that clearly further our participation in important struggles, not detract from them.”

Arguing that subculture can be a powerful organizing principle, offering people a sense of belonging and creating a web from which projects can draw, the text pushes back on tendencies that see the anarchist identity as a liability or that believe we need to hide our ideas.

Give the text a read and come out for a facilitated conversation about the ideas it raises. Text is available in print at The Tower or online here: