A collection of pdfs of zines and journals published across the region. We don’t seek to be exhaustive of the huge amount of material people have produced over the years, but to preserve and highlight interesting local works that otherwise might be forgotten or disappear. All links on this page are to locally hosted files and all are imposed for printing unless otherwise indicated. Feel encouraged to suggest texts to us in the comments on this page!

Practical Abolition from the Inside Out: Reflections on Prisoner Solidarity Organizing, by some members of the Barton prisoner Solidarity Project. [online] [print]

Resisting (2020) [read] [print]: A New Guide to the Canadian Legal System

Female Keep Separate (2020): Prisons, Gender, and the Violence of Inclusion [online] [pdf]

Confidence Courage Connection Trust (2019) [read] [print] [short version]: A proposal for security culture and reframing the question.

Anti-Fascism Beyond Machismo (2019) [read] [print]: Published by the Tower InPrint in Hamilton. It starts with an analysis of the different forms of that anti-feminism takes in far-right politics to build towards the importance of developing a militant feminism when organizing against it. The second half looks at the role of women in three historic anti-fascist struggles and contrasts militancy with machismo to imagine movements capable of really fighting back that don’t reproduce sexist, macho dynamics.

Signal Fails (2019) [read] [print]: Reflections on the widespread adoption of Signal Messenger in anarchist circles and their implications for our collective security and social organization.

On Subculture (2019) [read] [print]: A defense of anarchist subcultures and a proposal for one we could build.

On Sex Negativity and Sex Work (2019) [read] [print]

Under New Management (2018) [read] [print] [audiozine]: A short history of resistance to prisons in Quebec and Ontario from prisoners, abolitionists and anarchists with an emphasis on the significance of the 1970s.

What’s a Justin Trudeau? On Social Peace and Canadian Nationalism (2016) — Analysis of what Justin Trudeau can tell us about how the Liberal party and the Canadian state have shaped the idea of what it means to be Canadian

10 Steps for Setting up a Blockade [read] [print] Drawing on the experiences of the campaign against the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline

The Go’ing Insurrection (2013): Making connections between anarchist strategy and the ancient board game Go. PDF is not imposed for printing.

Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group: The Charges and how they came to be (2012) — Detailed exploration of the conspiracy charges laid against anarchists in 2010 for organizing around the G20 summit. Great exploration of how police attack social movements.


is a Michif-Cree anarchist who wrote:

Settlers on the Red Road: On Indigeneity, Appropriation, & Belonging (2021) [read] [print]

Reconciliation is Dead: A Call for revolt after the raid (2020) [print]

Autonomously and with Conviction: A Metis Refusal of State-Led Reconciliation, by Tawinikay (2018) [print]

Knowing the Land is Resistance

KLR was an anarchist ecology collective operating out of Hamilton from 2010-2015:

Common Cause

( was an Ontario-wide anarchist organization from 2007-20016. They published a journal, Mortar, and an earlier newspaper called Linchpin

The Hamilton Institute

 ( was a counter-info site from 2012-2018. Many texts were published there, including:

is an ongoing distro project out of Kingston. They publish both locally focused texts as well as though relevant to anti-authoritarians more broadly, including: