Guelph: Confront Canada Day! Rally

On that day of nationalist garbage, so-called Canada Day, around 20 anti-capitalist supporters of indigenous sovereignty, led by radical members of the indigenous community, gathered in the city’s St. George’s Square to confront colonialism and reject the spectacle of the day. While the event was scheduled some time in advance, speakers centered and echoed the call from Six Nations for Justice for Jon Styers–along side Colten Boushie, Tina Fontaine, and countless other victims of the colonial state’s violence. Read More …

Guelph: Free Cedar Mural

From Hamilton Anarchist Support On April 28th families and comrades in Guelph gathered to pose with a Free Cedar mural. Many of us have never met Cedar but all of us have felt the impact of their tireless work to promote anti-authoritarian values. Stay strong Cedar Rabbit, we carry you in our hearts. Spring is here, the buds on the trees are opening and so too will the jail doors.