Barrie: Mi’kmaq Solidarity Rally

In response to the increasingly violent attacks against the Mi’kmaq by settler fishermen, dozens of people in “Barrie” converged at Meridian Place, downtown, on Saturday October 24th to stand in Solidarity. Speeches were made explaining the ongoing struggles faced by indigenous peoples across so-called “Canada”; flags were flown and signs held for passing traffic to see. Many of the passing cars and trucks honked their horns, proudly, in support.
From the crises in Wet’suwet’en, the LandBack campaign in “Caledonia”, and of course, Mi’kmaq; Indigenous peoples and their ways of life are once again under attack by the colonial Canadian state. Nevertheless, the people of so-called “Barrie” stand strong in opposition to these terroristic attacks! Read More …

Drop the Charges! Free Cedar! Day of Action Report Back

On Friday, June 28th, We called for a Day of Autonomous Action to drop all the charges against pride defenders and to free Cedar immediately. This Day of Action comes on the heels of repeated harassment of queers by the police, city Councillors, mayor Fred Eisenberger and the far-right since the fall out of the Hamilton Pride festival.

June 28th was also the 50th anniversary of The Stonewall riot in NYC which catalyzed the modern Queer and Trans Liberation movements and what we’ve come to know as Pride. Getting back to our roots, this Day of Action wasn’t a music festival, there was no banks invited, no personalities, no celebrities, no boards, no cops, no CEO’s. Our Day of Action was one of people coming together and rejecting piecemeal offerings of tolerance and demanding liberation. This is our Stonewall. This is our Bathhouse Riot.

There was over 47 actions around the world responded to our call, with graffiti, postering, stickers, marches, rallies, demonstrations, phone zaps, messages of solidarity and fundraisers. It has brought us to tears time and again seeing the love people have to give, and encourages our call to drop the charges and free Cedar. Read More …