Caledonia: Account of the Raid at the 1492 Landback Lane Reclamation Site

      This is written from a white settler perspective. I was out on the land for about a third of the occupation. I was around for the raid and days leading up and I wanted to share my experience – to communicate with others from my community who support the reclamation and are curious about what went down.
        On July 19th, a group of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders along with some allies began peacefully occupying a portion of their unceded territory that had been cleared for development in so-called Caledonia. The site was expected to become a housing development by the name of McKenzie Meadows and has now been renamed 1492 Landback Lane. A few weeks later, on August 5th, the site was violently raided by the OPP which saw many Indigneous folks forcibly removed from their territory. 
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From Embers: New Episodes in March 2020

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