Help It’s Going Down Grow and Continue Into 2020

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Since It’s Going Down launched over four years ago, our listeners and readers have stood firmly behind us. Because of this support, we have been able to continue to make huge strides in expanding this project. Over just the past few months, we’ve launched our radio show on the Pacifica Radio Network, which has expanded across Northern California, (this includes San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Fresno, CA), reaching tens of thousands of people, while our news podcast, This Is America, has continued to grow in popularity.

Week after week, we’ve published and produced hard hitting analysis, interviews, and front lines reports on autonomous social movements across so-called North America. Our social media reach has grown exponentially, and we’ve been able to help boost and promote a multitude of events, campaigns, prisoners, and projects. Our coverage of everything from Abolish ICE, government surveillance of anarchists, to the prison strike has helped push these movements into the spotlight, while our reporting on the far-Right has directly exposed white nationalists and pushed back on attacks against antifascists.

It’s Going Down has also been interviewed, quoted, and cited in a variety of publications and outlets, from Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Intercept, The Hill, The Independent, Yahoo News, Mel Magazine, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Right Wing Watch, Salon and many more.

Our proudest work however, has been to give comrades from Indonesia to Appalachia a platform to talk to our growing audience about everything from organizing wildcat strikes, to fighting pipelines, mobilizing autonomous disaster relief, to full scale insurrections. Moreover, week after week on This Is America, we’ve also dug deep to produce hard hitting analysis on everything from automation to white supremacy and the rapidly collapsing civilization of industrial neoliberalism.

Help Us Grow In 2020: What We Have Planned

We’re looking to add at least 125 new monthly supporters by the end of the year. These donations will allow us to kick off some amazing new projects. With your support, here’s what we have cooking:

  • Expanding our collective which will allow us to take on a bigger workload.
  • Launch a musical section of the website which will feature interviews with anarchist and autonomous anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, and antifascist bands and artists, from hip-hop, to punk and hardcore, metal, and beyond. We want this to be a platform for bands with radical lyrics and ideas to reach a wider audience while also introducing our readers and listeners to new musical projects.
  • We’re going to be launching another podcast which will become part of the growing IGD stream of audio content. We’re happy to announce that soon the Health Autonomy podcast, which before was part of Mask Magazine’s podcast platform, will soon be producing content right here at It’s Going Down.
  • With an expanded collective we hope to begin producing video content and expand onto YouTube.
  • Lastly, we are currently working on a book with PM Press that will chronicle some of the best original and submitted articles, interviews, analysis, report backs, and critique from It’s Going Down over the past four years. The book is set to be released at the end of 2020 and our friends at CrimethInc. will be writing the introduction.

How to Help Us

We know that most people who read and listen to It’s Going Down live paycheck to paycheck – we know the feeling! If everyone that reads IGD and listens to our podcast donated just $2, we’d never half to ask for money again. Plus, if you sign up to donate more than just $2, we will send you a “Neither Bezos Nor Bannon” IGD shirt, size S – 3XL, just make sure to let us know what size.

For folks that would rather give us a one time donation, we are also hoping to raise another $3K by the end of the year in order to make new stickers and t-shirts. If we can get over $750 in donations, we will be able to make a run of brand new, “ANDY NGO IS A THREAT TO OUR COMMUNITY AND PROVIDES KILL LISTS TO ATOMWAFFEN” shirts. Over $2K and we’ll be able to print off a brand new sticker line. Over $3K and we’ll be able to make IGD windbreakers for winter.

  • Donate to our Bitcoin address: 1HW1EHS9CevbEAHS8GkSXV7R6wZNSbuvhy

A donation on bitcoin will help us print new shirts, windbreakers, and stickers – which will help to further fund our project.

It’s Going Down and You’re Invited

Next year IGD will turn 5 years old and at this point, the project has to expand or it will fail not only to reach more people, but also continue to provide for the communities, struggles, and movements that depend on it. To do this, we have to bring more people onto our team, and for that to happen, we need more of our readers and listeners to stand behind us.

We know that IGD supporters have always stood by us and we are grateful for each and every person that not only donates but also gives us feedback and constructive critique. As we have said many times, without you this project is nothing and we mean it. We hope that 2020 marks a turning point for IGD as we expand our collective and create new projects.

Above all, we remain committed to working as hard as possible to provide a dynamic and evolving platform for autonomous struggles and movements across so-called North America. With your help, we’re just getting started.