Hamilton: If the OPP Come Knocking: Info about Police Harassment

Anonymous submission to North Shore
This morning, August 13, 2020, an individual in Hamilton was approached by plain clothes OPP officers in a park while they were out walking their dog. The officers knew not only the person’s name, but also that of their dog and family members, and they seemed to know the person’s routine well enough to be waiting for them. They made vague threats to the person and also offered to protect them, and asked to talk with them further. They were likely being approached in order to inform on others.
This person did the right thing and refused to talk with the OPP. They also made the choice to communicate about the experience so that others can prepare themselves. This kind of harassment is designed to intimidate and isolate, so communicating about it is a powerful way of resisting. 
Remember that if you are approached by police, whether at your home or in the street, you do not have to talk to them or answer any of their questions. You can politely refuse and say that if they give you their card your lawyer will call them. If you are approached, consider letting others know. This will help keep people safe and also allow you to access support should you need it. 
If you’re approached by the OPP or any cop and you believe it’s about social movement activity, please let us know at nothingtosay@riseup.net. Our PGP key is available on a public key server: https://keys.openpgp.org/search?q=nothingtosay%40riseup.net
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