Fuck HPS: an informational project

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

The last decade in policing has seen an increase in the amount of resources police have invested in to surveilling anarchists/organizers & projects that in some way pose a threat to the state.

While those of us who oppose or challenge state authority tend to learn these stories through internal discussions or re-tellings (our own strange urban legends) it’s not often we see proof of our suspicions, or intentionally collectivize that information as a way to decentralize and share the knowledge.

This project is meant to shine a little light on the hamilton (ontario) police and some of their known surveillance operations and capacities. Gathered through media reports, police releases, collective stories, and budget reports, this project is a concerted effort to collect and make available reports of surveillance, infiltration, and future tendencies or possibilities – for all those organizing & mobilizing to see and consider.

Project can be found at https://fuckhps.noblogs.org