Hamilton: Action Against Pig Mobiles

This post was made on A-News and reposted here by a person who turned out to be an undercover police officer. We leave it up as local history, but it’s a fake action carried out by a fake and predatory person.

Posters and stickers have been distributed for an upcoming anarchist bookfair in Hamilton on March 3 and 4 2018.

Why not have the pigs advertise the event for us!

Stickers with adhesive were placed on the bumpers of pig mobiles.


[From Anarchist News]

2 thoughts on “Hamilton: Action Against Pig Mobiles”

  1. Lol, these are everywhere in Hamilton right now. Probably passed 20 walking down Cannon from Sherman to Wentworth.

    1. for real, this was done by the undercover cop Shane who was involved in the case around the Locke St. Riot. Keeping this post up for continuity makes sense but fuck cops putting stickers on their cruisers, writing a communique about it, and then bragging about it to the people around them to try and gain trust and confidence.

      fuck shane, and in all honesty it was stupid when it first happened.

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