From #HoMa to #HamOnt: The secret is to round up your loser friends

Submitted anonymously to MTL Counter-info

These thugs are no better than the anarchists.

Don’t they know the financial burden that their vandalism will have on the Tower’s landlord?

Don’t they understand that boarded up windows will bring down property values in the neighbourhood around the Tower??

Engaging in this kind of violence just creates lawlessness, and legitimizes the destruction of private property.

When we heard that the Tower got attacked, we had to show our love. Not only because we love anarchist social centres, but because we also live in a city where (as far as we can tell) small hip business owners exist solely to steal your wages, fondle cops, and sell you overpriced shit sandwiches. Fuck the class traitors, fuck the gentrifiers, fuck the police, but still no fucks at all given to broken windows.

Imagine being so mad about another anarchist social centre getting attacked, that you round up your loser friends, cover your faces, and take a siiiiick photo in solidarity.

2 thoughts on “From #HoMa to #HamOnt: The secret is to round up your loser friends”

  1. A bunch of the jokes in this text are unclear if you didn’t read the original communique:

    Specifically this tweet from Kirk Burgess:

    “Imagine being so mad about gentrification; that you round up some loser friends, cover your faces, and run riot in one of the city’s most affluent neighbourhoods. Throwing bricks at homes and businesses. You’re disgusting.”

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