Ottawa: General Defense Committee Marches on CEO in Solidarity with Rent Strike

From It’s Going Down

Report from solidarity action with the ongoing rent strike in Hamilton, which started on May 1st.

On Friday morning of June 29th, in concert with actions in Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, London, and Montreal;  community members and Ottawa GDC Local 6 marched to CLV hq offices at 485 Bank St (Bank & Argyle) to deliver a letter of demands on behalf of the East Hamilton Rent Strike to David Nevins (Vice President) and Michael McGahan (CEO).

The demands are:

1) Drop the Above Guideline Rent Increase (AGI).

2) Carry out repairs in tenants units.

3) Withdraw and cease applications at the LTB to target rent striking tenants.

CEO Michael Mcgahan and VP David Nevins both refused to meet with the tenant supporters or to receive the letter. Instead, they hid in their offices and sent out a staff member to receive the letter on their behalf. When asked why CLV wouldn’t listen to the requests of a 92 year old tenant who’s been requesting a new window since last winter, they scoffed and walked away.

The fact that both men refused to meet face to face is only too ironic given the fact that David Nevins and others from CLV have gone knocking on doors in Hamilton in an attempt to intimidate tenants into breaking the strike. We understand that the staff of CLV  have to listen to David and Michael on a daily basis, so they might have appreciated seeing them do a bit of listening for once.

Once the letter of tenant demands were received, supporters left the offices as promised, and began flyering outside. As it was the end of the month, there were many tenants on their way to pay rent who expressed support for the strike and absolute disgust at how CLV have been treating tenants both in Ottawa and in Hamilton.

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For videos from the action and others related to the website, see the original post on Its Going Down. Consider using Tor if anonymity is important.

For some analysis of the rent strike as a strategy:

1 thought on “Ottawa: General Defense Committee Marches on CEO in Solidarity with Rent Strike”

  1. so much love to the people stepping up and supporting the stoney creek rent strike across the province.

    Those tenants are brave and deserve support. They stand as a great example of collectively organizing and defending yourselves again your shared landlord.

    Who wouldn’t be furious to watch your landlord repaint the building to match their branding, redo balconies with all the frills and give the office an modern look. then get the multi-million dollar bill for it while the super hasn’t been in after you complained a month ago for them to look at the rats, bedbugs or leaky toilet that has been costing you an arm and a leg in utilities bills.

    If rent is theft, then above guideline rent increases are is straight up extortion.

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