From Embers: New Content in April 2019

Submitted by From Embers

From Embers is a regular anarchist podcast produced in Kingston, Ontario. We produce a few episodes each month about actions and projects going on in so-called Canada that inspire us, or about topics that we think will be relevant to anarchists living north of the border. We are a proud member of the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network.

This month we produced three original episodes:

April 11th: Ayahuasca, Colonialism and the Death of a Healer

Interview with Kevin Tucker about his latest book The Cull of Personality, which tells the story and surrounding context of the murder of Shipibo-Conibo healer and indigenous rights activist Olivia Arevalo at the hands of Canadian ayahuasca tourist Sebastian Woodroffe in the Peruvian Amazon. Woodroffe was subsequently lynched by members of Arevalo’s community, which became a big story in the Canadian press. We discuss the story, ayahuasca, colonialism, and new age spirituality in a civilized world.

April 18th: Veganism and Mutual Aid

Recording of a talk by Alexis Shotwell on veganism, relational ethics, and mutual aid. From the event description: “Will eating plant-based foods save us from climate catastrophes? Should everyone eat vegan? How should people who care about the world understand “clean eating”? Is Jordan Peterson pursuing a beef-only diet because he’s an asshole, or because he’s managing a severe disability, or both? Is criticizing factory farmed meat the same as criticizing Indigenous hunting practices? What does any of this have to do with mutual aid?

April 25th: Anarchist Bookfair XX

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is the largest anarchist gathering in North America and 2019 is its 20th year. In this episode, I interviewed two members of this year’s bookfair collective.

Topics include:

  • what, if anything, does the bookfair have to do with books?
  • is the bookfair for “us,” for “recruitment,” or both?
  • how much should event planners try to shape a space like this?
  • what kinds of policies are appropriate and how, if at all, should they be enforced?
  • what should we expect at this year’s bookfair?

You can tune in to From Embers in the Kingston area on CFRC 101.9 FM between 8 and 9 PM on Wednesdays. You can also stream episodes directly at or subscribe and download them via any major podcatching app on your smartphone.

If you have feedback for us, or ideas for future episodes, please get in touch! You can email us at fromembers [at] riseup [dot] net