Hamilton: Cedar is out!

From The Tower published July 20

UPDATE: Cedar has been out for a couple now and is doing well. She hasn’t been able to shed any light on why she was released though, she only found out about it the day before, having received no official communication after the parole hearing, not even a copy of the ruling. Its good that sometimes we get nice surprises. They’re slowly catching up on everything that’s been happening and want to pass on so much gratitude for the support, solidarity with all the pride defenders charged (drop the charges!), and all those still locked up are big in their thoughts. As good as it is to be out, its hard to leave people behind in there, and though we celebrate that our friend is safe, we try to remember as well the violence faced by other queers, especially queers of colour, and so many others. Looking at the police service board meeting this week and the super soft bail release for the only person who has been arrested for assaulting folks at Pride, it is clearer than ever that the cops and courts will never protect us and we need to continue to build towards autonomy without them. The struggles of the last month are only the beginning.