Solidarity Blockade Underway in Hamilton

Anonymous submission to North Shore

As of 5pm today (February 24th) we have set-up a rail blockade in Hamilton, ON., in response to the OPP raid on Tyendinaga this morning. Our intention is to stay here indefinitely and we are calling on others to join us (See map below). Come for a couple hours or stay for the night, and bring your friends! If you plan on coming out, dress warmly, bring blankets and sleeping bags, and snacks are always welcome. If you can’t make it out, please help spread the word and share this with your networks.

The site is a bit tricky to get to, but not impossible. It can be accessed from either the West or East side of the tracks, and there is parking scattered around relatively close on both sides.


24 thoughts on “Solidarity Blockade Underway in Hamilton”

  1. I was there. It was the best. People were beautiful.
    Solidarity, all. This is big. The regime has a lot to answer for.
    Now’s the time to stick it to them.

  2. Please keep me informed on any future actions. I have a number of friends who also wish to be notified of any future actions.

  3. Pipline will leak sooner or later,it will pollute the ground water & lakes,rivers & life as we know it,pluse we dont need it there are other cleaner way of doing things

  4. Have you considered having a second blockade on lakeshore west line closer to Toronto? If you setup a protest around oakville/clarkson train tracks will have more impact on commuters and suspend train service similar to Milton and lakeshore east lines

  5. Solidarity. Tried to drop by to offer a supply run but unfortunately the place was crawling with police and media…bad timing. I hope you guys are doing okay.

  6. So glad to see that enforcement of the injunction against the Tyendinaga blockade was met with an immediate backlash.

  7. I will be there tomorrow, just found out about this and it’s to late for me to be out safely Keep up the fight. I’m with you.

  8. Yes, you are really going to get the public on your side by ruining their morning commutes… maybe it’s time to find a better way to get your message across, whatever it may be, other than just annoying at general public.

  9. Any idea how many people are there already? I can drop off a spare tent, sleeping bag, snacks and a jug of water. Probably tomorrow after work. Let me know what else is needed.

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