Colonial statues defaced in downtown Toronto

Anonymous submission to North Shore

Last night, for the second time in a week, the statues of John A MacDonald and Eggerton Ryerson were doused with paint.

In case you missed it, last week, activists with Black Lives Matter – Toronto dumped paint and spray painted messages around 3 statues in downtown Toronto; an attack against the symbols of Canada’s violent and ongoing, racist, colonial legacy. That day also resulted in one of the fiery-est, most love and rage-filled anti-cop rallies we’ve experienced in a long time and one of the greatest displays of jail support we’ve seen in this city.

We set out to double down on their message – Ryerson was cleaned up a bit too quickly for our liking and we wanted to amplify the message that the time is long past-due for these statues to come down.

John A was still surrounded by scaffolding and half-covered from the last attack, but we had some paint left over so we hosed him down too.

Honestly, defacing these disgusting statues was a joyful act, one everyone should experience. Let’s be relentless in our attacks on all aspects of the Canadian state, from the symbolic to the infrastructural.

All Black and Indigenous lives matter. Fuck racist statues and our current racist politicians. Solidarity with those resisting  tyrannical governments everywhere.