Blockade Defense: Call to organize letter-writing nights!

From Blockade Defense

Remember during Shut Down Canada, when so many of were together disrupting Canada’s rail network, attending marches ten thousand strong, seeing communiques of pipeline and critical infrastructure sabotage and supporting the Wet’suwet’en frontline? That was a powerful upswell in a long-term movement and we need to continue the fight, including supporting people dealing with charges.

It has been an isolating year for so many people because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Facing repression for political action is also often a very isolating experience.

We want to remind the people facing charges that they are not alone and the movement still has their back. We are inviting you to host letter writing events.

– Living somewhere where it’s finally warm? Host a letter writing event in the park.

– Pull together an event over Jitsi!

Just invite your network or make it public.

Let us know about it and how it goes.

Mail letters to:
Blockade Defense, BOX 57001, Jackson Square, Hamilton ONTARIO, L8P-4W9

or send us an email to

Here is more information: