Toronto: Hate and genocide apologism have no place on campus – an account of the Dec 18th anti-fascist rally at University X

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

On December 18th, a coalition of anti-fascists/anti-racists consisting of leftist organizations, labour unions, and concerned community members, gathered at University X (the school originally named after the genocidal, Egerton Ryerson who played a crucial role in the Canadian Residential School system). This demonstration was originally intended to be a counter to a rally being held by the so-called “Ryerson Conservatives,” and was to feature notorious politician, and piece of shit, Maxime Bernier, as well as other far-right politicians/genocide apologists and anti-vaxx spokespersons. However, shortly after a number of groups and organizations stated their intentions to counter the rally, the event was cancelled. (-Their ‘official’ reason for the cancellation seems to keep changing…-) Despite the event’s cancellation, there were still concerns that some of the far-right would attempt to occupy the space at University X anyway. In response, the coalition of various orgs and individuals went ahead with the counter-demonstration.

We gathered early at the space outside University X the far-right had planned to use, and proceeded to occupy it for several hours. At first, there was practically no sign of any far-right-wingers to be seen. However, about an hour or so in, we began to see and hear a mob of them coming down the street, towards us. Visible were several large Canadian flags, as well as the old union jack Canadian flag that the fascists and white-supremacists have adopted. The mob was also playing very loud music, which alerted us to their presence. With all their noise, and their flags obscuring a good view, it was hard to determine how many of them there were; however, it was clear that there were many. As they continued to advance with what appeared to be a police escort, it began to look like the violence that many in the coalition had anticipated was about to happen. In response, we lined up and blocked the street. Their music was quickly drowned out by shouts of things like, “Fascists not welcome here!” “Whose streets? Our Streets!” and things to that effect.

Upon seeing and hearing the crowd, (I can only presume this was the reason), the far-right mob abruptly turned right, down another street, and left. Some of us assumed they were going around to try to flank us from behind, however this never happened. I did not see or hear the mob after that. Following their swift departure, we continued to occupy the space, to ensure that they could not do so.

Their hate and genocide apologism have no place on campus, nor anywhere else!