Hamilton: Letter Writing Night in Solidarity with Atlanta Arrestees

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

On Saturday, we brought some friends together to write letters to the people accused of domestic terrorism and held without bond in Georgia. We talked about the case and about cop city and sent out as many letters as we could.

It’s a small thing, but small gestures of solidarity like this are happening all over and we thought it might be worth saying that this one happened. That some people in Canada spent an evening thinking about you. Because we care what happens to folks facing repression. Because we care about the Atlanta forest remaining a forest. Because we also dream of a world without police.

We have been through our own rounds of repression in Hamilton and know how big of a difference small things can make. We hope to encourage others to continue doing small things, because even if the struggle is far away, across a border many of us can’t cross, anarchists get through repression together and keep struggles moving forward together. And a win in one place has echos everywhere.

Good luck with the bail hearings this week! We are all thinking of you.