Hamilton L3Harris Shut Down

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

L3Harris in Hamilton, ON Shut Down!
Location: 50 Leavitt Blvd, Waterdown

Over ten thousand Palestinians have been murdered; at least 4237 of them
children. Thousands more have lost their friends and family. Entire
lineages of kin have been erased from their homes and homelands with

For those watching and cognizant, it’s not hard to draw at least some
parallels between the State of Israel’s occupation and violence against
Palestinians, and the Canadian State’s ongoing occupation and genocide
of Indigenous People here on Turtle Island. When Indigenous peoples and
their accomplices across these lands have risen to challenge their
oppressors, the state has always acted with swift force to quell them.
That is what we see happening to Palestinians, and that is why we take a
stand today – and call for others to follow.

We are a group of Indigenous peoples of many Nations and settler
accomplices that have shut down access to L3Harris in Hamilton, ON. We
do this not just as an act of solidarity with Palestinian people here at
home and abroad, but to stand against settler colonialism more broadly
and act in solidarity with Indigenous people across Turtle Island.

L3Harris profits from, and is directly implicated, in the attacks on
Palestine as well as the repression of those involved in Indigenous,
anti-colonial, and anti-imperialist struggles. L3Harris technology is
contracted widely by intelligence, military, and police forces
throughout Turtle Island, and globally. This includes equipping the
Israeli Air Force – which has been deployed for heavy assaults on Gaza –
and also manufacturing the controversial Stingray surveillance devices
used to repress and surveil movements across Turtle Island.

We demand a ceasefire, and an end to Canada arming Israel.