Holding the Line: Supporters Picket Canada Post After Back-to-Work Legislation

Union members and community supporters across Canada have been organizing militant and effective pickets at Canada Post facilities ever since legislation came down on Monday making strikes by Canada Post workers themselves illegal.

Vancouver, Hamilton, Edmonton, Halifax, Windsor, and Mississauga have all seen “cross pickets” or “solidarity pickets” blocking mail trucks from entering or leaving processing plants for hours at a time. The actions have mobilized between 30 and 80 people and targeted key distribution centers.

The solidarity pickets have been made up of a broad coalition of political activists, and labor and community supporters. Major unions and labor councils have turned out dozens of their members.

In several cases, IWW branches and members have been instrumental in coordinating the pickets, and in setting the tone on the line. Read More …

Parkdale Tenants Visit Landlord Marina Grmusa

From Parkdale Organize Today our neighbours at 1336 King, along with members of Parkdale Organize, visited the Mississauga home of their landlord, Marina Grmusa. Grmusa is evicting our neighbours Melissa, Cesar, and Marco. We made it clear that our neighbours are here to stay. In August, Grmusa tried to strong-arm Melissa and Cesar into signing forms which would end their tenancies. Grmusa used this tactic on tenants who are ill, Read More …