Niagara Falls: Antifascists Drop Fliers Against Neo-Nazis Linked to Racist Attack

From It’s Going Down

On May 13th, 2018 while the denizens of Niagara Falls were falling into a drunken slumber of complacency, Niagara Falls Anti-Fascist Action International (NFAFAI) crossed the border from Klanada to the United Snakes, landing amphibiously near Niagara University to combat fascism. The fiction of national borders are no barrier to the worldwide necessity of stamping out white supremacy in all its forms.

On February 25th, several employees of Nazi owned and operated 3rd st. bar Rust, beat a 21 year old bloody with brass gloves for bringing his black girlfriend into the establishment. The story was suppressed for months, not breaking until May. A police officer is a WITNESS to the crime. He failed to meaningfully intervene, and the investigation has dragged on at a snail’s pace, therefore we suspect the police are Nazi collaborators. We cannot rely on corrupt American law enforcement to protect their own cities from fascists.

As a preliminary response to this recent assault, motivated by Nazi ideology against miscegenation, we distributed fliers exposing the Biros’ Neo-Nazi affiliations, status as a convicted criminal, and listing their home address and phone number.

The flyers read:

Biro is a member of the ‘Aryan Renaissance Society.’ He has stolen thousands of dollars and has been arrested recently on drug charges.

His wife, Marie T. Basile, runs RUST, a bar on Third Street and the site of a VIOLENT RACIST ASSAULT.

Because the North American justice system is built upon deeply flawed, and when not arbitrary, racist and colonial principles, we do not judge someone’s character based on their “criminal” status. However, we see it as important information to expose so others proceed with due caution. These fascists have indicated their willingness to commit openly violent acts, and as such liberal approaches will prove insufficient. Given an appropriately militant response, their failing bar will soon cease to be a safe haven for fascists. All fascism leads to violence, and tolerance of it only puts the community at continued risk.

Marie Basile and Todd Biro, and the Aryan Renaissance Society: We are watching you. Fascism will not be permitted to gain a foothold on either shore of Niagara Falls. Do not even think about fleeing across the border when times get tough—you will be walking directly into our hands. We know you have other properties, for now, and they are all cursed. You cannot hide from us. You will fail.

And by the way, all of you, your friends and kin, have the most embarrassing and hilariously bad tattoos we have ever laid eyes on. Thanks for assisting in your own demise. Nazis fuck off.