4 thoughts on “Hamilton: Men Who Think They’re Lobsters … Posters against Jordan Peterson”

  1. Pretty weak counter argument, as usual. A willful misunderstanding of what the man is saying.

    1. Then surely you could take a minute to educate us on what “the man’s” true views on lobsterism might be?

      1. With just a simple goduckgo search you could find the answer, but let’s put it in simple terms:
        Lobsters, which are some of the oldest creatures living in the planet with little to none degree of evolution since the cretacic era and maybe before, have a specific social hierarchy, just like most mammals. Therefore, the idea of a human hierarchy being simply a “patriarchal, capitalistic social construct” is moot. His perspective of the society as a hierarchical system is a fact and, despite the ways to measure the hierarchy are arbitrary, it has been clear since the renaissance era people can move in such hierarchies.

        1. If that’s what he says, that is some hilarious pseudo-science. Humans have a tremendous ability to live in a whole lot of different ways. These are choices that we make collectively, and also conditions that are imposed on us by forms of social organizing that we inherit. Whatever our biology may or may not say, we are clearly capable of treating each other as equals. Anarchists and others contend that this is desireable.

          If you are trotting out that sort of jaw-dropping nonsense to justify being a prick, you could probably save us all a lot of time and just answer “Because I say so!”

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