Good Night White Pride: Outing Neo Nazis in Hamilton

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

A Note: We originally submitted this content to our friends at IGD, who published it but only after removing some content. We’re re-submitting it here in the interest of transparency and accessibility.

Here in Hamilton, anti-fascists have been debating the merit of going after Paul Fromm – a well-known white supremacist with ties to the KKK and Stormfront – as a mayoral candidate.

On one hand, you have a proudly racist shithead running for mayor.

On the other hand, Fromm has been invisible as a candidate thus far. Attacking him directly would give him a media platform to spew his vile minimally-covert racist bullshit, potentially win over more ignorant supporters, and continue flagging other neo-Nazis of his presence. It’s also pretty hard to call out an obvious racist without insinuating that white supremacy doesn’t exist within the other mayoral and ward candidates: we didn’t want our disavowal of Fromm to look like throwing support behind – or belief in – any other candidate, the election, or even Canadian democracy at large.

So we did the next best thing; we went after those just as ignorant and racist as Fromm himself – those who nominated him.

Elections documents are quasi transparent and public. You can view (free) and obtain copies (not free) of them at your local city hall. As it turns out, one of the documents made available is the original nomination form for mayor – the ones where each person running needs to get 25 people’s personal information and signature to run for mayor.


Bigots can be a little like cockroaches; they multiply in the dark. So we chose to shine a little light on them.

Overnight on October 15th, 2018, hundreds of posters went up across Hamilton.

The posters targeted every single person who nominated Paul Fromm as mayor, publicly outing them by name in their own neighbourhoods as a racist and Nazi sympathizer with their addresses, and in some cases phone numbers.

If white supremacists are going to organize here we’re going to defend our communities – and sometimes the best defense is a good offense; a sampling of what could be.

In that spirit we leave you the transcripted names and addresses of all those who endorsed Fromm.

Good night, white pride.


All addresses are within Hamilton, ON.

(Frederick) Paul Fromm
187 Appleford Court

Raychyl Whyte
42 Florence Street

Steve Wingfield
42 Florence St.

Verners Cinis
10 Pearl Street # 509
(905) 522-6955

Daved Sargon
260 King St. E # 510

Christine Woytim
566 Southridge Drive #28

David Agnew
35 Ricardo Crt.

Judy Agnew
35 Ricardo Court

Raymond Dobbin
836 Queensdale Ave. E

Megan Sawyer
160 Hughson St. South #303

Sarah Bradley
14 Huntingwood Ave. #4

Peter Bago
1311 Limeridge Rd. E

Kemal Onukalp
175 Catherine St. S

Samuel Ferreira
10 Tisdale St. South

Renaldo Smith
10 Tisdale St. South

Derek Watts
147 Broad Leaf Cres. Ancaster

Nathan Jennings
1 Shamrock CRT

Adam Sweidan
814 Acadia Drive, Hamilton – Terrace Lane, Guelph

Roland Wiedenfeld
169 San Francisco Ave.

Bryan Wood
407 Upper Horning
(905) 574-2030

Linda Dorion
85 Bonaventure Dr. #B7

Edward Snow
45 Montcalm Drive #71

Kevin Wade
127 Buckingham

Charlene Farrell
10 Tisdale St. S

Tara Farrell
10 Tisdale St. S

Martin Schmidt
66 Elora Drive #26

Jerry Neumann
1791 King St. E #201

Theresa Sheldon
316 King William W #501

Fiona Mauthe
48 Caroga Crt. #47

Alex Borjanovic
88 Colin Cres.

Frederick Menika
450 East 42nd St.

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