Toronto: Report from Far-Right “Yellow Vest” Rally

From Anarchist Network of Toronto

Ants showed up yesterday to provide some sabotage to an alleged ‘yellow vest’ rally at Nathan Philips square. We dropped a banner over the proto-fascist trash that read “IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES WELCOME, RACISTS NOT”.

For two weekends running, racist scum have rallied in Toronto under the guise of ‘yellow vests’ with two main talking points: climate denial and xenophobia. It’s apparent that the movement in France is contested territory between the far right, and our international comrades. However, here on Turtle Island, the ‘yellow vests’ are primarily the same xenophobic groups like Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin, III%ers, CCC, and the rest of the garbage who have been propagating hate on our streets.

Antisemite and white nationalist Faith Goldy made an appearance as well. For us ants, it doesn’t matter what costume the fash put on, we will be there. The same way as the proud boys are using the term Western chauvinists to stand tacitly for “white supremacist”, the vests worn by xenophobes is an attempt at veiling and softening the language of white supremacy.

Some of our comrades did a great job by also wearing yellow vests and handing out anti-racist literature as a way to let the public know that the vests are a contested territory here too. For the ants, we stuck with black masks and black clothes. It seems these yellow vest rallies will continue to be a thing, stay tuned to our page for more! The more of us that show up, the stronger we can be with kicking this shit out of Toronto!

3 thoughts on “Toronto: Report from Far-Right “Yellow Vest” Rally”

  1. It’s integral that the Yellow Vests are not handed over to the far-right. Even at risk of confusing the public, we cannot separate ourselves from popular movements. “Orange vests” in response need to stop.

  2. Hilarious. You guys showed one time and never again. You keep focusing on Faith Goldy that nobody cares about. Good job. Mean while you slander the 150 people who have been there every weekend pushing for full government reform and are anti fascist.

    The reason antifa stopped coming is because the TO YV is antifascist.

    *slow clap*

    Faith never came back either, thank god. We do not know why she keeps showing up but you can take her.

  3. Hey, Bob.

    I’d recommend writing something longer explaining the anti-fascist politics of your movement – and I hope that North Shore would publish it.

    I live in Hamilton, and I know that, here, the symbol of the yellow vest has been appropriated by some local far-right people who oppose immigration and propagate conspiracy theories. It’s hard for me to read this communiqué as “slander” in this context, even if I accept that, perhaps, it was wrong about this manifestation.

    Anyway, what does “full government reform” look like? And what is the substance of “antifascist” for you? I don’t like the Canadian state, but I can imagine “reformed” versions that are worse (and frankly, I’d like no Canadian state at all, but surprise surprise I’m an anarchist). As for “antifascism”, that can mean basically anything (which is a criticism I wish comrades would take to heart more seriously, as well).

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