Support for the hamilton queers from Clermont-Ferrand, France

In this rotten city of Clermont-Ferrand (center of France), two Prides (two, yes two…) were called last Saturday. So we went to the two of them, to inform about the jailed Hamilton queers. At the first one (the more « militant » one), we handed out the leaflet, had some discussions, and then we left, refusing to walk with the cops and the press (which asked us for the info that we refused to give them).

Then we went to the second one, looking more like a party with no visible cops or press. After only a few minutes, an undercover came and asked us for the leaflet. We refused to give it to him, so he threatened us with custody. We left.

We say in that leaflet that:

For us, LGBTQ is not a community that would deny individuals composing it. It’s at the most an identity, which, just like all the other ones, is to be questioned.

Stonewall wasn’t an official or a pacified march. Stonewall was a riot. A moment where some individuals bashed back to the cops aggressions without warning. A few days which jeopardize social rest.

We cannot be happy that Stonewall riots commemorations became the place for all the political and capitalist twisting. Nor can we be happy that it became « in » to be LGBTQ friendly. If we do support the « Hamilton Queers » that’s because this society, its moral and its norms smother us. Because attacking them talks to us. And that the repression that they undergo fills us with sadness and rage.

For self-defense, outside of and against all authority

Freedom for Cedar, the Hamilton queers, and for all.

Without being able to wait to reach the jailed individuals.

Love, rage, and peanut butter.