Mike McGahan, CEO of CLV Rental Properties, not flattered

By an editor of North Shore Counter-Info

About a month ago, we at North Shore received an unusual email from an “executive concierge” named Sarah about a single photo in a single article that we re-posted back in December 2018 from the Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network.

The article was released on the tail end of a long and bitter rent strike in Hamilton and details the harassment of tenant organizers by the landlord and their lackeys at CLV Group. The photo in question depicts Regional Property Manager Selim Dedej informing tenants that they are loitering in their own lobby. In the background is a cardboard cutout of CLV CEO Mike McGahan dressed like Trump alongside a speech bubble reading “We’ll build a WALL and make the TENANTS pay for it!”, referring to the outrageous tactic by CLV to build a wall to block access to the apartment lobby in a pathetic attempt to prevent tenants from congregating in their own building. Anyway, here’s what Sarah had to say:

Hello, I am contacting you on behalf of my client, Mike McGahan of CLV Group in regards to a photo of him on the following page of your website … The fourth photo depicts an unkind and unflattering photo of Mr. McGahan and he would like to request its removal from your site. Due to the slanderous nature of the photo, my client feels that the picture is violating his privacy. I am kindly reaching out to you to ask for the photos removal. If you are unable to comply we will be forced to take further action.


Executive Concierge

As you can imagine, we get a lot of unsolicited hate mail and threats from strangers, sometimes we get a good laugh and then we trash them. But this one was a bit curious given that the article in question was long-buried in our archives by the time we got the message, but hey, sometimes the wheels of the “executive concierge” move slow, right?

Today, we received a follow-up email from Sarah, asking us about the “status of this inquiry.” So we decided to put the question to you, dear readers. Do you think the depiction of Mike is unkind and unflattering? Should we care, given that Mike runs a corporation whose business model is systematically displacing poor and working class tenants through renovictions and above-guideline rent increases? Or maybe he’s still upset about the protest at one of his houses in Ottawa last August?

Let us know what you think in the comments! =)

5 thoughts on “Mike McGahan, CEO of CLV Rental Properties, not flattered”

  1. You called a spade a spade..
    if it hurts McGahan to see such depictions… maybe he could earn better ones through changing his actions.

  2. Given that these vested interests interjected themselves into a Public-interest situation ultimately of their own making… no fucking way.

    Make buttons.

  3. Mike, stop fucking people over and you won’t have image problems!

    Sarah, did you even read anything on the website before sending that email? I hope you charged that asshole a lot of money for this dumb strategy.

  4. pointing out people’s violent behaviour with humour is incredibly mean.
    it can really hurt people’s feelings when you outline their harmful actions while they position themselves as untouchable by the people most vulnerable to the negative effects of their decisions.
    mike is clearly the victim of all this and deserves an apology, or at the very least a state enforced settlement.
    don’t listen to them mike! they’re just insecure and jealous of your career and identity that’s built on exploiting poor people.
    get a job bully pinkos!

  5. Fkn hilarious. Big misstep by The Windsor Group, they made themselves and their client look extremely foolish and not at all on top of the situation. But to be fair to Sarah and the rest of the team, they were facing an uphill battle – Mike McGahan’s actions so far have done a lot to make himself and CLV Group look like blustering fools.


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