Kingston: Luxury Spa Development Sabotaged

Anonymously submitted to North Shore

Recently, we quietly entered the site of a luxury spa development just north of Kingston and sabotaged several heavy machines by adding bleach to the oil tanks (thanks to Mythbusters for the tactical advice). We waited a little while for the machines to run and cycle the bleach, and now they have disappeared. We hope that the engines are permanently disabled.

The project is being proposed by BPE Developments, owned by a local ex-cop who likes to gentrify the downtown and countryside alike. If built, this 30-acre complex will include a boutique inn, spa, restaurant, craft brewery, vineyard, corporate event venue and cabin retreat, typically greenwashed with self-driving golf carts and an electric tractor.

We intend this as a gesture of solidarity with the Glenburnie residents worried about the groundwater, with anyone getting active for the first time in the climate strikes/XR, with Ruby and Jess in Iowa, and with the indigenous land and water protectors relentlessly fighting capitalist extraction across Turtle Island.

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  1. Before they get shipped to Saudi Arabia, could the tanks which Canada is selling to them be destroyed similarly? It would have to be done somewhere between it leaving London and arriving at the shipping docks in St. John’s.

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