Flyers for distribution #shutdowncanada

Anonymous submission to North Shore
These flyers were produced with the intention to disrupt the liberal narratives surrounding the Wet’suwet’en struggle, and the activism we have seen emerge as a result of the most recent waves of state violence. Simultaneously we are inspired by the actions of many of our comrades, especially the Mohawk blockades and those engaged in militant demos and sabotage. We hope these flyers continue to feed the fire of insurrection.
Decolonization Means No State (Single) (Four per page)
Reconciliation is Dead (Single) (Four per page)
Strike Back for the Climate (Four per page)
Why Wear a Mask (Double sided, four per page)
Reconciliation is Dead, and Decolonization Means no State were heavily inspired by tawinikay’s (aka Southern Wind Woman) work – much of the words appearing on them are tawinikay’s directly. Her work provides a critical and revolutionary stance on current struggles to shut down so called canada – we are very grateful for this work. As anarchists working to refine our perspective and practice, tawinikay’s critical intervention with the struggle and Indigenous solidarity work many of us engage in demands our engagement.
Against the state and capital
For a growing militant movement
Links to tawinikay’s work