Hoarding Hot Air – Plywood Taken Down at City Hall

Anonymous submission to North Shore

Hi, it’s the anarchists. We saw in the newspaper that city officials put up some plywood boards to stop unhoused people from staying warm next to the heating vents at the back of City Hall. We – like everyone else with a pulse – found this absolutely despicable. Facilities director Rom D’Angelo says it’s an issue of “safety” for City Hall staff. What about the safety of the people trying not to freeze to death? He didn’t mention it.

So we just quickly popped out, grabbed some buds, and went to see how easy it was to take down.Turns out, it’s very easy. All you need is a drill with a phillips bit (the little star one). Took about 4 minutes to take all the screws out of the plywood and 1-2 people to carry each board away. With a larger crew, you could take down the metal frame quite quickly so people looking to stay warm wouldn’t have to squeeze through.

D’Angelo says they are going to pay an engineering firm to redirect the warm air away from the sidewalk. We wonder how many hotel beds that money could buy? I guess we’ve reached the point in human degeneracy where rich people feel entitled to even hoard the air they’re already done breathing. He says the plywood will stay up until they “fix” the problem of having a free source of heat for unhoused people.

If they put it back up tomorrow, you should go take it down too.
Every single time, until they decide to stop being monsters.

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