Stronger Together: Worried About Repression? Read This!

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Several arrests were made in Tkaronto this morning in relation to Palestine solidarity organizing. Police raided the homes of at least 6 individuals and seized electronics including phones and laptops. These people are being supported by a legal team and comrades.

As movements grow and become successful, repression follows. It is inevitable in strong movements and we should not be surprised – but we can and should be prepared.

Stay Level

Police aren’t targeting anyone and everyone. Just because you have or do attend an action in support of Palestinians does not mean you are at immediate risk of arrest. Palestine still needs our voices and support. Remember that repression does target individuals – but it’s overall goal is to quell the movement. It is important that we find courage and continue to find ways to engage in this struggle for liberation.

Stay Safe

Cover your face. Encourage others too. Take appropriate precautions if you’re taking on explicit risk. See THIS RESOURCE for more information.

Stay Together

Stand with those arrested – this is not the time to denounce certain actions or criticize tactics. Movements are only ever successful because of a large variety of strategic pressure gets applies through various means. Stay together, stand together.

Police at Demos

Do not talk to cops. Speaking with them at demos makes others unsafe. Police are never in attendance because they support the cause – they are there to gather and witness information to make potential arrests. DO NOT TALK TO COPS.

If Police Knock on Your Door

STOP. Breathe. Remember: you are not required to open your door when someone knocks. Quickly call someone you trust to let them know, then make sure all your electronics are password-locked and turned off. Ideally they are encrypted and not just locked*. Put on a warm layer – it can be cold in the police station and you might only be allowed one layer of clothing. Police will remove hoodie strings, shoes, belts, etc. if someone else is at home with you who is not at risk, have them answer the door when you are ready.

If You Are Being Arrested

The only information you need to provide police is your name, date of birth, and address. They will ask for more – your phone number, your medical history, next of kin, etc. You DO NOT need to tell them these things.

*Electronics Safety

DO NOT use fingerprints or faces to lock your devices. Police can easily manipulate these to quickly unlock your device. Use a letter/number code. This will only prevent police from immediately searching your device – it will not keep it safe forever – so ideally, you have  encrypted your devices with at least an 8+ PIN.


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