Ontario Labour Minister’s Office Trashed

Note: This article is excerpted from corporate media. We try not to re-post stuff from the bourgeois press, but this action speaks for itself.

Ontario Labour Minister Laurie Scott says her constituency office was broken into and vandalized overnight after the Progressive Conservative government introduced workplace reforms, including a minimum-wage freeze.

Ms. Scott’s office in Lindsay, Ont., was broken into, the windows were smashed and a fire extinguisher was used to break items in the office, a spokesman for Premier Doug Ford told The Globe and Mail. Photos show broken windows and a worker cleaning up the glass.

Spray-painted on a wall outside the office were the words, “Attack Workers We Fight Back $15,” a reference to the provincial government’s decision to freeze the minimum wage at $14 an hour.

Ms. Scott told reporters on Wednesday the incident is “obviously” tied to her government’s new labour legislation introduced Tuesday, which includes the cancellation of two paid sick days for workers.

House Leader Todd Smith said Mr. Ford and Trade Minister Jim Wilson have received death threats over the past 24 hours as a result of the labour reforms, but didn’t elaborate on where the threats originated.

Sergeant David Murtha of the Kawartha Lakes Police Service said the police were notified of damage caused to Ms. Scott’s office late Tuesday night. “When officers arrived at Minister Scott’s office, it was discovered that extensive damage had been caused to the exterior and interior of the building. The suspects responsible for the damage had fled Minister Scott’s officer prior to the arrival of police,” he said, adding the police force is investigating.

2 thoughts on “Ontario Labour Minister’s Office Trashed”

  1. Solidarity to these brave people!

    Big lulz at Ford talking about the government being bullied (violence going to the hierarchy, such a tragedy) and at Horwath with her “no matter how vile the policy, there is no excuse for hurting objects”

    The reason both these goofs who pretend to disagree are scared is that free people acting autonomously is a threat to leaders and manipulators of all stripes.

    And fuck the police with their “investigating” garbage, fucking lap dogs

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