Shut it Down: TransCanada Valve Isolation Sequences

Anonymous submission made to North-Shore Counter Info.

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Finding local points of resistance to align ourselves with broader struggles is essential to solidarity and can have direct impacts on industrial project disruptions.

Here in so-called southern ontario we’ve seen numerous solidarity actions with the Wet’suwet’en people out west who continue to resist pipelines through their unceded territory; highway shut downs, informational sessions, disruptions, targetted vandalism, and occupations.

Not too long ago we saw a group of individuals occupy and attempt to force a shut down at a TransCanada compressor station within the occupied territories of the Haudensaunee, Anishinabeg and Chonnonton [Neutral] peoples in so-called Hamilton, ON. TransCanada was willing to endanger their infrastructure for the continuation of profit and refused to follow their own internal and federally mandated shutdown procedures. On the day of, those on site were unsuccessful in their original objective because they lacked internal information on valve operation procedures.

Well; no more.

We present you with this fine gem; a collection of private internal TransCanada documents that outline the proper valve isolation and shutoff procedures for various compressor stations on their mainline throughout the region. The website also contains a handy list of TransCanada & Coastal GasLink contractors.

Have fun, play safe, and shut it all down!