St. Catharines: Pro-Refugee Banner Drop

Submitted anonymously to North Shore Counter-Info

On Thursday afternoon, in response to anti-immigrant white supremacist propaganda recently appearing around the Niagara region (Links to news reports 1, 2), settlers in the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory dropped a banner over highway 406 to send a clear message: IM/MIGRANTS & REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE.

Division based on immigration/citizenship status only benefits the rich and powerful. What would our communities look like without this divide, without these borders between us? Let’s find out together!

As we have been welcomed to this land by those who came before us, so we welcome those who come after. We’ll continue to stand with our im/migrant & Indigenous neighbours against white supremacy – we invite you to do the same.

The Porous Borders Bureau

1 thought on “St. Catharines: Pro-Refugee Banner Drop”

  1. Fabulous!
    Borders are artificial.
    We are one human family!
    President’s and ultra rich 1% ers don’t have to pass customs or present documents to move freely.
    Borders are cages and the sooner we realize this the faster we will all become free!

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