Indigenous Activist Blocks Road into Awenda Provincial Park

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TINY TOWNSHIP- An Indigenous Rights Activist blocked a road leading into Ontario’s Awenda Provincial Park this morning as an act to educate and organize opposition against Federal Policies extinguishing Indigenous Title to Indigenous Nations Traditional Territories.

Anishinabek Nation Activist John Hawke a member of the Beausoleil First Nation located on Christian Island says he is using today’s National Indigenous Peoples Day and the Park as a platform to address grassroots concerns.

“This day is used to celebrate token aspects of culture like song and dance where Canada continues to terminate our Title and Rights and exploit the Land” says Hawke

Hawke was part of a group who set up a Cultural Camp and built a cabin in 2012 in Awenda Park to oppose Canada’s Specific Land Claim’s Policy and says his community has strong ties to the specific land in the park.

“The 1798 Penetanguishene Purchase involving the Crown and Hereditary Chiefs of the Chippewas of Lake Huron and Simcoe ceded lands around Penetang Bay for British Military use but the Treaty did not include lands the current park is situated on. Elders along with a large granite rock bolder at the park known as Council Rock has Hereditary Chiefs Clan and Crown Representatives etched markings that speak of this” says Hawke.

Beausoleil First Nation recently was part of seven other First Nations that received $1.1 billion in the Williams Treaty Settlement Agreement regarding 100 year old grievances regarding hunting and fishing rights and 12 million acres of traditional Anishinabek territory in which Hawke feels the settlement breaches a fundamental Nation to Nation Relationship.

“The 1764 Niagara Covenant Chain Belt a Crown to Indigenous Nations Treaty laid the foundation that any lands we share our Nations are to be compensated as long as the sun shines. The Williams Treaty Settlement Agreement is only a one time payment where Elected Leaders governed by the Indian Act surrendered Indigenous Title to 12 million acres which they have no authority to do. We also shouldn’t have to purchase back our lands where so much Crown lands needs to be handed back over to our Nation.” Explains Hawk

Hawke also states issue with Self Government Agreements First Nations are ratifying under Federal Policies.

“There are major issues regarding the fraudulent Canadian Constitution that needs to be addressed. The BNA Act and its 1982 Amendment is not a Constitution where all laws and agreements imposed on our Nations are invalid where both our Nations and Canadian citizens need to examine what this alleged constitution really is.” Says Hawke

Hawke hasn’t planned how long he intends to be blocking entry into the park but encourages allies and other First Nations community members to stop by and support and organize.

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  1. Residences along Champlain now have only one road in and out. Emergency access and egress is compromised. Traffic has increased significantly beyond design parameters. BFN are not garnering support here!

    1. Actually I just spoke with him and he wanted me to inform ppl that if there is an emergency they are able to open up the end that is occupied. nothing is compromised, there is a fire off to the side, not in the road. It is a time to visit and sit with him to learn ;)

  2. The feeling and spirit of Oshkimaadziig lives on!

    So much love to the rebels up there, y’all continue to do good work!

  3. We are asserting our lawful jurisdiction on tribal land that was not surrendered. The authority has no jurisdiction in this action of assertation of rights of indigenous people.

    1. Absolutely safe! I was just there, very peaceful, the sign even says to come in and learn! All good! The park is full.

  4. scientists around the world stating the
    Earth is sick . Sick from corporate and government policies. Corporations and governments taking land for money/energy and displacing local humans .
    Only when the fish are gone and the waters polluted will we realize you can’t eat money .

  5. I came by on Indigenous Day with a friend and her infant. The First Nations men that were there were kind, welcoming, respectful and informative. It was helpful to hear the story and their view. (Johnny and Kevin were there)

    I encourage people to come and ask and learn all sides to information. Also to acknowledge the ancestral, Tradtional and contemporarily held lands is an act of respect and wisdom- as settlers, we should welcome knowing and respecting the lands were we are so fortunate to be dwelling!

    With gratitude

  6. In 1066 a.d William the conqueror invaded England , they introduced the paper and pen and wrought the domesday book listing all property under his name . The natives lost their land and had to pay taxes .
    Guess which governments are direct descendants of theses oppressors ?
    The working poor in Canada (private sector) and natives have a lot more uncommon then most realize .

  7. Ideal world = no banks , population controlled by environmental planning,
    Remove damns for fish , turn to fussion (the sun) for energy , no cars ,farming and communal living and world peace.

  8. Why do oil , mining and corporations in general get to pollute and destroy humans habitat. Corporations are a body on paper with no soul , the written word is a lie .
    We can vote Green Party ass apposed to liberals,conservatives and NDP . Only power the people have is to vote independents. Privatize all public sectors with locals , based on local economic accountability ,ban the corporation .

  9. I was at council rock in May It is a beautiful forest We read the inscription I actually took a friend there that did not know it was there I looked around and there were open abandoned buildings and paraphernalia everywhere in heaps A lot of plastic no cabin I have First Nations blood going back to that rude man Governor George Simpson so my point is white first nations whatever boy do we all make a mess

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