Gidimt’en Access Point Solidarity Statement with Pride Defenders

On June 15 participants at Hamilton’s Pride celebrations were attacked by members of the far-Right. This is a statement we’re releasing to the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ community of Hamilton.

To the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ community of Hamilton:

It was with sadness and feelings of encouragement that we heard about the events at Hamilton’s Pride celebration on June 15th and about what has happened since then. Sadness that some people would bring their hatred and attack members of your community while police did nothing. Encouragement to know that you defended yourselves and kept each other safe. Sadness again that Hamilton Police responded by harassing community members and then arresting people for defending themselves on that day or for speaking out against the police’s role in the events. And again encouragement at your community’s ongoing strength, resilience and resistance in supporting each other, the arrestees and in refusing to be passive, silent or afraid. Know that we stand with you.

We too know about police indifference to our safety. About how little effort they put into investigating the disappearance or murder of our people. About how they do nothing when racists burn down our people’s cabins. And we know all too well how ready they are to target our people both in town and when we assert our laws against those who would violate them and bring us harm. Despite the raid, arrests, harassment and ongoing RCMP occupation on our territory we continue to defend our laws, our Yintah, our sovereignty and ourselves.

We see the injustice of the Hamilton Police’s actions against the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ community. But more importantly we see you in all your courage, strength and brilliance. May we continue to inspire each other in our ongoing struggles for autonomy, freedom and self-determination.

With solidarity and love,

Gidimt’en Access Checkpoint