Wet’suwet’en territory: #ShutDownCanada Anti-Repression Posters Up

Anonymous submission to North Shore. Posters and details of the charges here

A few shots taken a week or two after an experimental exercise in the quaint little picturesque mountain town of Smithers (glad to see most of the posters stayed up!). This little hamlet/colony happens to be located in one of two yintah’s (territories) of the Cas Yikh (Grizzly Bear) – part of the Gidumten Clan of the Wetsuweten – the other Cas Yikh yintah is where the Gidumt’en Checkpoint kicked of the “shutdowncanada” movement with two years of winter blockades.

A very small gesture among gestures. Its super easy way to express a little bit of solidarity with those facing repression from the state for their brave efforts resisting industrial expansion and indigenous genocide. For wheat paste just throw some boiling water into a bucket and whisk in some flour (maybe a little sugar for good measure), grab a brush and you’re good to go. A great excuse to go for a nice stroll with a hot beverage of your choice; have a laugh with a friend or a few (perhaps explore affinities and/or hatch some plans for further action).