Ottawa: Anti-Fascists Kettle Bigots

From Anti-fascism in Ottawa on Instagram

Today Billboard Chris, the fascist youth organization “Save Canada”, Derek Sloan and a conglomerate of reactionary media personalities arrived to attempt to march up and down Broadview Avenue. They were confronted by a diverse coalition of antifascists.

The antifascists today not only managed to break police lines but also kettled the fascists for 2+ hours, effectively denying them the space and ability to demonstrate. The police arrested 3 antifascists and released them without charges. 1 youth who ripped and stomped a pride flag was also arrested, its unclear if they received any charges at this time however. Antifascists attempting to film detainments that occurred were assaulted by police.

Despite the arrests and many altercations that took place throughout the day the antifascists lines remained strong and cool under pressure while also being flexible enough to respond effectively to multiple problems at once. It was a good display and effectively cut off the fascists from achieving their objective. Surrounding fascists and throwing them out of the street works.

Many fascists cried today to the police that they were not doing enough to “protect the kids” despite the police arresting more of us than of them. The police are not neutral and are not our friends. We keep us safe. The police lost control of the situation within minutes today. Community and multifaceted organizing allowed for an effective counter demonstration.

Those who ran logistics, those who made signs, posters and lent their support to family and friends are just as important as those at the front of the demo. All of those who made it possible, thank you.

– A better world is possible, all power to the people.

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