You Blew it, Hewitt: Details of Haldimand Mayor’s Financial Ties to Developers

Under capitalism, it is money that often makes the election.

If someone receive lots of donations for their mayoral candidacy, they get to dominate the airwaves and the lawn signs and have schmoozy events.

We also know incumbents have the advantages of visibility and stability.

Stability in the sense that people don’t need to take a risk; they can choose the known evil and see it as lesser because, mostly, change is scary.

And of course, money and position equals power, and power corrupts.

With the racist shit the Haldimand mayor has been spouting off lately about Indigenous people at the Six Nations landback reclamation site, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Ken Hewitt is somehow personally invested in this project. Read More …

Caledonia: Account of the Raid at the 1492 Landback Lane Reclamation Site

On July 19th, a group of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders along with some allies began peacefully occupying a portion of their unceded territory that had been cleared for development in so-called Caledonia. The site was expected to become a housing development by the name of McKenzie Meadows and has now been renamed 1492 Landback Lane. A few weeks later, on August 5th, the site was violently raided by the OPP which saw many Indigneous folks forcibly removed from their territory.    Read More …